“True enough, but not practical” (Kadushin, 2012)

2 May

This sums up what seems to be Charles Kadushin’s (2012) view on the notion that “the entire world is connected as a network” (p. 44) – that, while this is a valid and intuitive rationale, it’s just not a practical way of looking at networks through an analytical, scientific lens. Through the readings, it seemed to me that the only reason this more holistic perspective is not seen as “practical” is because it would be difficult to adequately or realistically measure. To accommodate the desire for analysis and measurement seems to demand a simplistic view on networks and the members that make them up. The rule that “a person can be a member of only one clique” (p. 47) is a very binary approach, leaving no room for the peculiarities of everyday life. However, I get the dilemma – a complete network would be too unwieldy to analyze and, therefore, “cutting up large networks into separate non-overlapping pieces for analysis is very useful for statistical analysis” (p. 48). But aren’t we missing out on major chunks of information if we choose to only analyze what can easily be defined? It creates a result, I guess.


Hello MACTmates!

30 Apr

This blog is, for now, a placeholder for my perceptions and reflections on the readings undertaken in my current grad studies class – Using & Managing Communications Networks. Comment, critique, share!